I'm Luukin @ U Babe

by Bar-Jesus

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  • boy 001
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    32 minutes, a bit of wacky shit in the down-time, velcro sexy cool coffee lyric sheet
    released by BoyTapes

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released October 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Bar-Jesus Richmond, Virginia

two sweet boys
contact John: winnjg@vcu.edu

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Track Name: hayley
she's that bitch that no one wants around and when i fuck her i don't make no sound and she asks me if i love her but i only love my mother

we wear such hideous forms

at night i tear her insides out and i dress it on me like a gown and she's screaming for her picture taken and i'm too drunk to know she's faking

we wear such hideous forms

i drive her to my best friend's house and she dances likes she's someone else and i know she's fucking someone else and i know she loves me better than she loves herself

we wear such hideous forms just to be efficient
Track Name: pretty girls
pretty girls rock your world and you'll never have a heart in their dress you'll find the best, back behind her night dress

she's quiet, coy she's great at sex she's so profound, she'll never see she's shallow as a puddle

now i know all women are bad they're evil little things and when one's hands are 'round your neck might as well be a string
Track Name: old and numb
i am so harsh, and you are so pretty maybe on monday we'll go make a baby or in a year, in a year it'll be sunday when all our problems are fears

a few short years later our kid will be big and when he gets angry he'll yell like a bitch we'll holler and fight because no one is happy the world will seem small, stupid and lacking

i'm scared for my children i'm scared for their mother she's over the edge, though i know i still love her

but our family is strangled and dead i just hope to God that this ends

we'll be old and numb in the end

the numbness seems better than this
Track Name: waster
all your friends, all your friends, do it again, do it again we hang out, all the while you're fucked up, and i'm just fine

you wrote a book, it's called Love you did that thing with that girl once

she's a waster

all your enemies have got you in a book don't look down, don't look down and you won't go back home, 'cause your parents treat you like gold

she's a waster

you've got three dollars in your pocket what are you gonna do? you buy a forty

out of town, out of luck, don't break down in your car i look up at the sky, see the planes flying by

she's a waster
Track Name: closer
always on time your bitterness is blinding "do you feel fine?" I don't want you to find me

now i'm gone better for a while feeling the sun under your thumbs

i never wanna be alone
Track Name: laughing
I take a drink and I get in the car and we're moving so fast I lose my sense of sight and I hear someone screaming pull over I'll call a cab but the car just keeps moving and we get off the highway and we're in the other lane and a car's coming at us but we swerve just in time and we stop at the park bring the liquor to the bench, and we're just laughing

and then the cops show up with their lights and we're running away and someone got caught but we don't care about him anyway and we're all safe and sound in the gazebo by the river and we were just laughing

i'm looking at you babe i'm looking at you baby, oh I'm looking at you babe

and i come home all fucked up and my mom's at the door and she asks me 'kid, what have you been doing that thing for' and i stammer a sentence and turn around to leave and i crash in Charlie's car and we smoke some weed, we were just laughing

i didn't know any girls but i wanted some head so i went to my friend's house to try and get laid and she was laying there and i don't know if she was conscious but i'm pretty sure she loved it at least that was the joke afterward anyway